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raluca cosminaBiography

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aeroport vienna

Basic Information

Birth date 1989 October 27
I am Female

I am Christian
I am Sanguine
I am Practical
I am Discreet
I am Whimsy
I am Dynamic
I am able to Make sacrifices
I am able to Come up with new ideas
I am afraid of Failure
I am against Violence
I am fond of Animals
I am fond of Music
I am maniac of Others
I am proud of Others
I can't live without Friends
I have Sense of humour
I have A collection of jewellery
I have Phobia height, water
I have Admiration for people who appreciate what they have
I haven't been in touch for long with My step sister / brother
I believe in Mind power
I believe that What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
The worst Death is cancer
The worst Dictator was hitler
The worst Disease is cancer
The worst Vice is lieing
The worst Thing that a man could tell to a woman is depends of the situation
The worst Thing that a man could do to a woman is to humiliate her
The worst Thing that a woman could tell to a man is that he is not good enough
The worst Thing that a woman could do to a man is to dissapoint him
The worst Thing that a child could tell to the parents is that he wants another parents
The worst Thing that a child could do to the parents is dissapoint them
I choose my profession by vocation
I drink Water
I drink Occasionally
I enjoy Laughing
I enjoy being creative
My memory is regular
What are your hobbies?
sport, reading etc.

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