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ChaTToir - About
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About ChaTToir

The personality of this site is distinguished from all others as it is meant  especially to arts and creativity.
ChaTToir is a new word; we invented it in order to express the vision of our site.
The double T in the center is coming from Talent.  They  balance and focus your attention to the most important think: the individual whom is given the opportunity to make a step forward from anonymous and be shown to us as an unique and special exponent of human kind.
The TT are two Axis Mundi that create a Gate where Talents can go through towards blossom. There is space between the double T, it symbolizes a wall that was finally broken creating the Path towards  Hope, Chance , Accomplishment and Popularity.
Competition is one pole and  Communication is the other one. This is the reason for we used the English word chat and added the French suffix oir which gives a bohemian, aristocratic and artistic air to the new born word.
ChaTToir expresses the place where anybody - no matter from which country  nor how old he(she) is -  can show his talent within a Competitionand everybody can Communicate  about it and vote their favorite contestants.
Your thoughts and feelings are your life. Find your talent and show it to us!

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