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lumi lupescuBiography

2013-04-10 14.27.55

Basic Information

Birth date 1970 October 14
I am Female
Relationship status Married with children
Astrological sign balanta
City of residence Ploiesti
Profession moasa licentiata

I am Christian
I am Hard to tell
I am Melancholic
I am Naive
I am Discreet
I am Moody
I am Calm
I am Jealous
I am able to Adapt to any circumstances
I am able to Love
I am afraid of Unknown
I am against Bias
I am fond of Mystery
I am fond of Travelling
I am maniac of Justice
I am obsessed with Beauty
I am weak before Beauty
I am proud of My spirituality
I am not able to Lie
I am not happy with My wage
I can't live without Love
I have Imagination
I have A collection of amintiri
I have Skills for decorat
I have Phobia necunoscut
I have Respect for adevar
I have Admiration for curaj
I believe in Destiny / karma
I believe that What doesn't kill you now kills you later
The worst Death is sa treci prin viata fara sa stii de ce
I choose my profession by chance
To change razboiul dintre barbat si femeie
I drink Water
I enjoy Making love
I enjoy Doing nothing
I enjoy talking
I suffer from naivety

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