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Andrej BlohinBiography


Basic Information

Birth date 1962 February 21
I am Male
Relationship status Separated
City of birth Moscow
City of residence New York
Profession Businessman
I dream to be What I am
Achievements Good ones
Spoken languages English, German and Russian
About me: I love classical music and all arts

I am Christian
I am Melancholic
I am Methodical
I am Ingenious
I am Versatile
I am Enterprising
I am able to Make hard decisions
I am able to Develop a business
I am afraid of Illness
I am against Discrimination
I am fond of Human nature
I am fond of Music
I am maniac of Justice
I am obsessed with Travelling
I am weak before Nature
I am proud of My work
I am not able to Conceive
I am not happy with My wife
I can't live without Music
I have Sense of humour
I have A collection of antiquities
I have Skills for bussiness
I have Phobia for flights
I have Respect for creative people
I have Admiration for great masterpieces
I haven't been in touch for long with My ex
I believe in Mind power
I believe that The details make the difference
The worst Death is from illness
The worst Dictator was Stalin
The worst Disease is cancer
The worst Vice is drugs
The worst Thing that a man could tell to a woman is that she's no more what he wanted
The worst Thing that a man could do to a woman is offend her
The worst Thing that a woman could tell to a man is that he was not good enough for her
The worst Thing that a woman could do to a man is cheat on him
I choose my profession by vocation
To be always healthy
To do more sport
To have what I have
To see more places than I have already seen
To change my bad habbits
I drink Vodka
I drink A glass of wine anytime
I enjoy Eating
I enjoy travelling
I suffer from lack of affectivity
My intelligence is creative
My memory is focused on late events
What is your goal in life?
to make my bussiness grow
Did you manage to achieve what you planned so far?
Partially yes
If you didn't't, what stopped you?
Circumstances may stop you to achieve all you wanted
What are your hobbies?
Music, arts, sport
Let us know your story.
It's too much to tell, some other time
Who is the personality from the past that you wish you met?
Who is the public figure of today that you'd like to meet?
Woody Allen
Who do you wish to be like?
Like me just losing some weight
Who is, according to you, the most important personality nowadays?
They are changing, hard to tell
Who is the most influential personality?
Obama maybe
Who is your model?
What is, in your opinion, the most creative epoch in the history of a human kind?