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Tudor-Costin SicomasBiography

Basic Information

Birth date 1989 April 01
I am Male

I am Christian
I am In a relationship
I am Optimistic
I am Generous
I am Versatile
I am Calm
I am able to Adapt to any circumstances
I am able to Help others
I am afraid of Death
I am against Killing animals
I am fond of Animals
I am fond of Music
I am obsessed with Travelling
I am weak before Beauty
I am proud of My achievements
I am not able to Lie
I am not happy with My actual workplace
I can't live without Friends
I have Big heart
I have A collection of classical music
I have Skills for theatre, piano, dancing, writing
I have Phobia darkness, spiders
I haven't been in touch for long with My ex
I believe in Reincarnation
I believe that Everything is changing
I choose my profession by vocation
To be a theatre director
To do many beautiful productions
To have a beautiful and happy family
To see many interesting places in the world
To change people's lives to the better by simply interacting witht them and making myself known to them
I drink Wine
I drink A glass of wine with meals
I enjoy Laughing
I enjoy being creative
My intelligence is creative
My memory is one of an elephant