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Tudoran ConstantinBiography

cer cu flori

Basic Information

I am Male
Astrological sign Leu
City of birth Brasov
City of residence Bucuresti
Profession inginer industrializarea lemnului
I dream to be psihoterapeut inforenergetician
Achievements multe
Spoken languages franceza, maghiara si un pic de rusa
About me: viata este cel mai frumos lucru din lume

I am Christian
I am Married with children
I am Realistic
I am Dynamic
I am able to Adapt to any circumstances
I am able to Tell the truth
I am afraid of God
I am against Drugs
I am fond of Universe
I am fond of Music
I am maniac of Discipline
I am obsessed with Punctuality
I am weak before Women
I am proud of My spirituality
I am not able to Deceive
I have Big heart
I have Skills for electronica
I believe in Life after death
I believe that The lie is a sin
The worst Dictator was Ceausescu
I choose my profession by vocation
To be psihoterapeut inforenergetician
I drink Water
I drink When I am thirsty
I enjoy Laughing
I enjoy reading
My intelligence is standard
My memory is regular
What is your goal in life?
sa elevez
Did you manage to achieve what you planned so far?
partial pana in prezent
What are your hobbies?
Let us know your story.
Nu are nimic spectaculosdar a fos, este si va fi in limitele crestin-ortodoxismului
Who is, according to you, the most important personality nowadays?
nimeni nu indeplineste conditiile necesare pentru a fi cea mai importanta personalitate
Who is the most influential personality?
Who is your model?
Isus Hristos
What is, in your opinion, the most creative epoch in the history of a human kind?
Era noastra