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Tatiana KolesnikovaBiography


Basic Information

Birth date 1981 August 28
I am Female
Interested in Men
Relationship status Single
City of birth Saint Petersburg
Profession administrator
About me: I like reading, going to theater, museums, I like classical and pop music

I am Christian
I am Single
I am Optimistic
I am Gentle
I am Versatile
I am Dynamic
I am able to Overcome hardships
I am able to Love
I am afraid of Illness
I am against Violence
I am fond of Human nature
I am fond of Music
I am maniac of Justice
I am obsessed with Beauty
I am proud of My body
I am not able to Deceive
I am not happy with My social status
I can't live without Friends
I have Sexual appetite
I have A collection of postcards
I have Skills for cooking
I have Phobia for flying
I have Respect for family
I have Admiration for artists
I haven't been in touch for long with My parents
I believe in Destiny / karma
I believe that Money make the rules
I choose my profession for money
I drink Vodka
I drink Whenever I am unhappy
I enjoy Making love
I enjoy reading
I suffer from lack of tenderness
My intelligence is a medium level one
My memory is regular