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Martin LutherBiography

Basic Information

I am Male
Relationship status Divorced
Astrological sign berbec
City of birth Ploieşti
City of residence Stuttgart
Profession Docent
I dream to be sunt deja ceea ce am visat să fiu
Achievements măreţe
Spoken languages Engleza, Japoneza, Chineza şi limba tribului masai
About me: Despre mine, desigur, nnumai de bine :-)

Education and Work

Employers VHS Stuttgart, Docent de limbi străine,

College/University IPG Ploieşti, Birotică şi limbi străine,

I am Christian
I am Divorced
I am Anaemic
I am Creative
I am Curious
I am Rebel
I am able to Tell the truth
I am afraid of Ridicule
I am against Bias
I am fond of Universe
I am fond of History
I am maniac of Justice
I am obsessed with Developing new ideas
I am weak before Beauty
I am proud of My achievements
I can't live without Internet
I have Sense of humour
I haven't been in touch for long with My child / children
I believe in Resurrection
I believe that The truth can heal
I choose my profession by vocation
What is your goal in life?
Să caut Adevărul
Did you manage to achieve what you planned so far?
Doar într-o mică parte
If you didn't't, what stopped you?
What are your hobbies?
Astrofizica, fizica, mecanica cuantică, filozofia, teologia
Let us know your story.
e prea lungă
Who is the personality from the past that you wish you met?
Jesus and Socrate
Who is the public figure of today that you'd like to meet?
Stephen Hawking
Who do you wish to be like?
ca nimeni. Îmi place că sunt unic şi irepetabil
Who is, according to you, the most important personality nowadays?
Mihail Gorbaciov
Who is the most influential personality?
Papa Benedict
Who is your model?
Socrate, Jesus, Oskar Schindler, Indira Gandhi, Martin Luther
What is, in your opinion, the most creative epoch in the history of a human kind?

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