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Maria Magdalena DănăilăBiography

Beautiful just for you
Singing by the Danube
Still loving you
Sining in the dark

Basic Information

Birth date 1973 November 29
I am Female
Interested in Men
Relationship status Single
Astrological sign Sagitarius
City of birth Galati, Romania
City of residence Galati
Profession Actress, songwriter
I dream to be worldwide known songwriter
Achievements Awards, awards... but no contracts! :)
Spoken languages Romanian, Enlish
About me: I am a dreamer. I did a lot of great things in my life but I don't seem to find a way to make a living out of music. And that is what I want. I won Romanian National festivals, I studied acting because there was no other way to express what I feel, the school of art in my town was only teeching a certain style of music that was so far away from what I wanted to express. And here I am , after so many years, enetering this site, wondering how this could change my life. But, optimistic as always, I know that it will make a diffrence somehow...