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Ina RadutuBiography

daily revelations
I have something to say, but i won't say it (although i just did that)
My soul is deep, my introspective abilities not so much…
What is there to do when you're your own kryptonite?
delusions of grandeur

Basic Information

Birth date 1984 August 12
I am Female
Interested in Men
Relationship status In a relationship with my imaginary boyfriend. he is really hot.
Astrological sign leo
City of birth Valenii de Munte
City of residence Murcia
Profession profesional time killer
I dream to be always asleap when I'd found myself naked in a public place
Achievements never choked on food and died
Spoken languages romana, francais, english, espanol
About me: I am my body, I am my cognitive system, I am my thoughts, I am a terrible cook, I am my (dis)believes, I am the genius ideas that I have and then I forget because I don’t make a point out of writing them down, I am my (im)moral values, I am my mistakes, I am my imaginary boyfriend’s girlfriend, I am whatever you think I am, I am things you never imagined I would be, I’m a stranger on the internet