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Georgiana HalacecBiography


Basic Information

Birth date 1986 April 13
I am Female
Interested in Men, Women
City of birth Motru
City of residence Bucuresti

I am Catholic
I am In a relationship
I am Choleric
I am Naive
I am Curious
I am Whimsy
I am Impulsive
I am Jealous
I am able to Do nothing for months
I am able to Fight for true
I am afraid of Illness
I am against Bias
I am fond of Human nature
I am fond of History
I am maniac of Justice
I am obsessed with Punctuality
I am weak before Beauty
I am proud of Others
I am not able to To keep my mouth shot
I am not happy with My neighbours
I can't live without Books
I have Sense of humour
I have Phobia cats
I have Respect for people with self-respect
I have Admiration for good writers :)
I haven't been in touch for long with My ex
I believe in Mind power
I believe that The details make the difference
The worst Death is in sleep! (I wanna know when I'm dying) :)
The worst Dictator was Hitler
The worst Disease is cancer
The worst Thing that a man could tell to a woman is "I don't love you anymore!"
The worst Thing that a woman could tell to a man is "You are not good enough for me!"
The worst Thing that a child could tell to the parents is "Shut up!"
I choose my profession by vocation
To be actress
To do bungee jumping
To see the entire world!:)
To change the president
I drink Soft drinks
I drink A glass of wine with meals
I enjoy Laughing
I enjoy Doing nothing
I enjoy reading
I suffer from insomnia
My intelligence is was not yet detected
My memory is regular
Who is the personality from the past that you wish you met?
Who is the public figure of today that you'd like to meet?
David Gilmour
Who is your model?
my mother

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