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Adawada GDBiography

Basic Information

Birth date 1999 February 20
I am Female
Interested in Men
Relationship status Single
Astrological sign Pisces
City of birth Romania
Profession Student
I dream to be a biologist
Achievements Secondary
Spoken languages English, Romanian, French
About me: I am different than most people of my age in many point of views and I think weird isn't a bad thing, it's a lot better than society's "normal".

My favorites

Book Anne Frank
Writer Stephen King
Poet Victor Hugo
Philosopher Gandi
Music 80's and 90's
Band Depece Mode
Painter Salvador Dali
Sculptor Brancusi
Movie Cinema Paradiso
Film director Tornatore
Comedian Louis De Funes
Actor Leonardo Dicaprio
Historical character Vlad Tepesi
Public figure Barack Obama
Scientist Einstein
Electronic item Iphone
Type of man Leonardo Dicaprio
Quote Weird isn't a bad thing, it's a lot better than society's "normal"
Food Caviar
Drink Socata
Cigarettes I am too young to smoke.
Color Green
Sport I do not like sports.
Animal Cocatoo
Bird Parrot
Flower Cactus flowe
Car Dodge 300
Country Canada
Game Call of Duty
Political party Liberal Party
TV show Outer Limits
Activity Eat
Interest Sleep, I have too much work.

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