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Anna Di StefanoBiography

composizione VII

Basic Information

I am Female

I am Catholic
I am Single
I am Melancholic
I am Realistic
I am Discreet
I am Restless
I am Calm
I am Jealous
I am able to Make hard decisions
I am able to Love
I am afraid of Evil
I am against Violence
I am fond of Animals
I am fond of Music
I am maniac of Others
I am obsessed with Developing new ideas
I am weak before Nature
I am proud of Others
I am not able to Deceive
I am not happy with My actual workplace
I can't live without Love
I have Mmemory
I have A collection of postcards
I have Phobia beetles and hornets
I have Respect for the ideas of others, for animals
I have Admiration for art
I believe in Destiny / karma
I drink Water
I drink Occasionally