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Dan WaniekBiography

Basic Information

Birth date 1957 March 13
I am Male
Interested in Women
Relationship status Engaged
Astrological sign Pisces
City of birth București, România
City of residence Paris, France
Profession Homeopath, Uniciste
I dream to be Pilot
Achievements Self control :-)
Spoken languages Living and Dead :-)
About me: Left handed for mice :-)

Education and Work

Employers Cabinet Médical Saint André, Senior Research Director, 01 January 2009 - I currently study here
Dammartin en Serve
Unicist Homeopathy, Integrative Medicine, General Practitioners, Research, Digital Iridonomy

College/University Carol Davilla, Integrative Medicine, 01 September 1977 - 01 September 1984
Serious Clinical Research, Patents, Papers

High-School Université de Paris 13, Homéopathie uniciste, 01 September 2007 - 01 September 2011
Allier, Grandgeorge, Deltombe

Liceul Mihai Viteazul, Math, 01 September 1971 - 01 June 1976
Special Maths

My favorites

Book A Study of History by Arnold Joseph Toynbee, unabridged RIA 1971 edition
Writer Rafail Noica
Poet Mihai Eminescu, Nichita Stănescu
Philosopher Constantin Noica, Petre Țuțea
Music Constantin Brăiloiu's Geneva Unique Recordings
Composer George Enescu
Singer John Lennon
Band The Beatles
Dance Călușul, tradițional
Dancer Myself
Painter Leonardo da Vinci
Sculptor Constantin Brâncuși
Movie Andrei Rubliov
Film director Tarkovski
Comedian Myself
Actor Peter o'Tool
Actress Georgiana Halacec
Historical character Abaris the Hyperborean
Public figure Abaris the Hyperborean
Architect Le Corbusier
Fashion designer Kenzo
Scientist Nicolae Teaslă
Discovery Free energy
Electronic item Tesla Field
Type of women Sine CETA
Type of man Sine ira et studio
Quote J'ai vécu
Food Bulz
Drink Socată
Cigarettes Cavendish (just kidding, never smoked)
Color Green
Sport Oina
Animal Horse
Bird Coocou
Flower Iris versicolor
Car Duster
Landscape Poiana Narciselor
Country Romania, what else :-)
Game Chess
Perfume Vol de Nuit, Guérlin, hirinon-based, irilone, oris root
Athlete Nadia Comăneci
Sport team Gațu's Dream Team
Political party DOR (Centru Sus)
TV show Dessous de cartes (ARTE)
Activity Loving deeply
Interest Truth

I am Other
I am Engaged to
I am Sanguine
I am Creative
I am Ingenious
I am Versatile
I am A fighter
I am Jealous
I am able to Make sacrifices
I am able to Tell the truth
I am afraid of Loneliness
I am against Bias
I am fond of Mystery
I am fond of History
I am maniac of Justice
I am obsessed with Beauty
I am weak before Women
I am proud of Others
I am not able to To keep my mouth shot
I am not happy with My wage
I can't live without Love
I have Taste
I have A collection of Thoughts
I have Skills for Detecting Genii
I have Phobia Pharisees
I have Respect for Beauty
I have Admiration for Sinceritas
I haven't been in touch for long with My step sister / brother
I believe in Life after death
I believe that The details make the difference
The worst Death is Suffering
The worst Dictator was Myself
The worst Disease is Inevitable
The worst Vice is Pride
The worst Thing that a man could tell to a woman is La plus Belle fille du Monde ne peut donner que ce qu'elle a
The worst Thing that a man could do to a woman is Neglect her feelings at any moment
The worst Thing that a woman could tell to a man is See you later
The worst Thing that a woman could do to a man is Actually to come and see him afterall
The worst Thing that a child could tell to the parents is Never mind
The worst Thing that a child could do to the parents is To give them advice
I choose my profession by vocation
To be A pilot
To do A Really Minimalist, Speedy, Inherently Ingenious and useful Web Site
To have Compassion
To see Light in Others
To change Myself
I drink Others
I drink When I am thirsty
I enjoy Eating
I enjoy Doing nothing
I enjoy travelling
I suffer from naivety
My intelligence is was not yet detected
My memory is scary
What is your goal in life?
Integrate medical paradigms
Did you manage to achieve what you planned so far?
If you didn't't, what stopped you?
The Liver
What are your hobbies?
Hot Baloons
Let us know your story.
J'ai vécu
Who is the personality from the past that you wish you met?
Abaris the Hyperborean
Who is the public figure of today that you'd like to meet?
Sorin Cismaș
Who do you wish to be like?
Who is, according to you, the most important personality nowadays?
Father Justin at Petru Vodă
Who is the most influential personality?
Father Ilie Cleopa
Who is your model?
Miss Georgiana Iosefina Halacec
What is, in your opinion, the most creative epoch in the history of a human kind?
Old Europe Civilization, Cucuteni, Târpești, Lepenski-Vir, Vraca, Vinca-Turdaș, Căscioarele, Hamangia, Cernavodă